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Gud morning….Kindly observe SILENCE 4 2 min in the memory of those poor mosquitoes who died last night
after sucking ur blood.THANK

,.+”"-., ,.-”"+.,
# good #
a message frm my “HEART” a place where i keep gud frnds like”u.wats up miss u so much

5 steps to a LOVELY MORNING
Close ur eyes, Take a deep breath, Open ur arms wide,Feel ur heartbeat, & Say ” Its too early. Let me sleep

Between a 100 yesterdays& a 100 tomorrows,There is only one today and I would not let this pass without
saying thx 4 being such a lovely frnd… GOOD MORNING !

What is Trust?Trust is a feeling that a one year old child has, when u throw him up in the air & catch him
again..he still laughs n enjoys it.. Good morning

Yesterday is but a dream, tomorrow is only a vision, but today well lived makes everyday a dream of happiness & every tom a vision of hope. Luk well, therefore to this day.

If ur eyes r sweet u wuld like all the people of the world but if ur tongue is sweet all the people of the world will like u. Gud Day.

Cheerful people are like Sunlight. They shine in to the corners of the heart & offer bright mornings & fresh hopes. Gud Morning to one such person

God sprinkles tiny but wonderful seeds of blessings on earth each day…and I just caught one that’s so nice and true…it’s YOU !

Lonely no, how can I be lonely when you are always in my thoughts. I wake up with you and go to sleep with you. I love you.

Early in da morning sun rise with may hopse but its set with hopelessly. all da flowers were bloom this evening with pleasant smell but its now wither awfully n tonight all the stars came out to play a signal but all of them are not shining, cos all they nows my friend is sick wish u a cure soon and healthy days ahead

The more u count ur blessings, the more blessings u will have, to count! I always do, and I count u as the nicest blessing! God Bless u each day!

$ <)".".'(> $
$ ( ._o).”.”(> $
$ /’-==(o_. ) $
Life Looks Cute & Beautiful With a FRIEND Like You…Good day

()”,,”() when u
( ‘o’ ) need a friend
pull this rope.¤¤coz i m..

()”"”() always at
( ‘o’, ) d other end.
=========(“)=(“) Gud mrng.

/ l’,’.
_/ _.l.’_’.___
, _,_/,_’>,_,_,_,_,_,/_

I wish everything sails…
smoothly 4 u
2morrow &
Good Day!


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